I am Harshdeep Singh Hura (kinngh) and I specialize in building Shopify apps and building storefronts on Shopify Plus. I am a big fan of sticking with native features instead of building out custom solutions for each usecase, avoiding lock-ins and developer interportability.

I've built and scaled WrapItUp - Text Summarizerâ„¢ on iOS and web, that summarized text algorithmically (deprecated) and Admin2Dev (acquired) an online courseware for Salesforce Administrators to learn programming.

I am super active on X (formerly Twitter) and is the best way to reach me.

You can watch my TEDx Talk where I talk about Building an Empire from your Bedroom or my occasional live streams on YouTube where I talk about building on the Shopify platform.

[Interview] Listen to me talk about Agency work, WrapItUp, refusing a $20M acquisition and more at The Indian Startup Show with Neil Patel.

[Feature] Read about how we use Metabase with Shopify on Metabase Data Bytes.

[Subscribe] I write an irregular, long form, unfiltered, no bs newsletter with my take on everything engineering, ecommerce and Shopify.

[Schedule] At $120/hour, I have office hours available Mon-Fri for consultations with Shopify Merchants and Shopify Developers.

[COURSE] Learn How To Build Shopify Apps [BETA] with MERN and Next.js stack(s). The live service is available at a one time price of US$249 on Gumroad.

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